Friday, September 9, 2011

Freddie Shit-soon should wear a wig

T.KING: FREDDIE Kissoon said: “No leader behaves the way Bharrat Jagdeo does.
Awarded the title Champion of the Earth by the UN, Mr. Jagdeo invited a large gathering of citizens to the Convention Centre to offer a speech of acceptance.
All the diplomats were there. Then the President launched in a condemnation of some of his critics. No intellectual language was used; a cuss-down.”

Freddie let me show you how foolish and downright silly you really are. Do you want President Jagdeo to behave the way you want him to? To sit and write like you do; total crap about others on a daily basis without proof!
If you were to ask a majority of Guyanese they will tell you Freddie that you are one barefaced human being. You are not proud to be East Indian so you want President Jagdeo to dance to your loony tune and say as you say.
You want all East Indian Guyanese to be as ignorant as you are. Why do you not paint your face and wear a wig when you go on protests with your bosses like Benschop and Lewis?
President Jagdeo and East Indian Guyanese do not like seeing you looking like Indian when you are with your bosses on the street protesting.
Paint your face and wear a wig Freddie, and the President and all Guyanese will be proud of you and dance to your loony tunes.

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  1. T King,
    This is a good one, I never thought of it - Freddie Shit-soon. I also like the name Freddie Kissman. More blogers should publicly call me these 2 names.