Monday, March 15, 2010

1,750 young people empowered by Government training programme.

More than 300 single parents who over the past year have undergone training in various areas will soon benefit from government assistance to start up micro businesses to economically empower themselves, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Board of Industrial Training (BIT) Alana Brassington said.

Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Industrial Training, Alana Brassington exams an item of infant clothing made by single parents at a recent graduation.

Having gone through training in the areas of cosmetology, sewing, catering, Office Procedures and Information Technology among others, the 377 single parents are expected to receive vouchers for $65,000 each to assist them in their business ventures.

Meanwhile, some 1,750 young people between the ages of 15 and 25 have been trained under the National Training Programme for Youth Empowerment (NTPYE) in over 70 skills, causing Brassington to deem the work of the institute a success. But there is no data to support this conclusion as BIT has no way of tracking the young people who were trained to ascertain whether they have gained employment and if their lives have improved. However, it is expected that this will be remedied soon as the institute is in the process to establishing a database precisely for this reason.

The NTPYE project was launched by President Bharrat Jagdeo in 2005 and he had hoped that some 5,000 out of school youths would have been trained during that period. It is funded by government subvention and has been described as an initiative that is part of administration’s strategy to reduce the level of unemployment and improve the living standards of citizens.

According to Brassington, the NTPYE prepares young people to enter the job market with on-the-job training. And it does not train persons in abstract; the institute keeps abreast with the needs of the job market and trains persons to fill vacancies around the country.

Minister of Labour Manzoor Nadir poses with a recent batch of graduates under the NYTP training programme.

The programme recently commenced training youths as driver-salesmen/women and heavy-duty operators as of last year, before there was a great demand for such persons.

500 more

According to Brassington, the single parent programme, which has received a $25 million government subvention, aims to train another 500 persons this year.

She said last year 412 persons were placed in training with 375 persons completing the programme.

The CEO said her office is now currently working on preparing the $65,000 vouchers for the single parents, which they would use to purchase basic tools to start their businesses.

“Once they have completed the programme they will get the assistance,” she told Stabroek News in a recent interview.

The institute only trains single parents from the single parent database since it would have had a verification process – all those who would have registered.

While the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security was preparing the national single parent database the parents were given choices on what sort of assistance they wanted. Some asked for day care assistance, others asked for small business grants and yet others for training. Those who asked for grants are the ones being trained even though there is another programme through public assistance which facilitates giving some start up funds to small businesses.

The database was created in an effort to assist single parents who are unable to provide for their children owing to various circumstances.


  1. Thousands of youths have wisely chosen to empower themselves thanks to the opportunities that are provided by this Government. For many this is making use of an oppurtunity that was otherwise non existent and though the PNC and AFC would see something negative in youths working and earning an honest dollar, at the end of the day they wouldn't give these youths anything except jail time or put them 6 feet under.

  2. The government has shown an interest in training young people with skills so that they can equip themselves in certain areas.

  3. Another major investment in our youths and sustainability in the lives of the single parents, I know for a fact they are very grateful for this form of security that will definitely give positive results. I can say that the future is very bright indeed, thanks to the government for all of his efforts

  4. That is so true it either jail or 6 feet under, they don’t know what is an honest dollar, they have there drug lords who give them lump sum and rob innocent people, this is one of the best enhancement to happen in supporting the unemployed, they are actually going to be employed and be secured for a brighter future, and our youths will surely have a greater chance of molding there future

  5. The government has always try to give the youth a chance to better themselves in some way that is what they has done here......

  6. This is an area which needed more emphasis to be placed on it, what the government has done here, is truly beneficial to our youths and the country as a can just imagine the outcome of this progress in a few years, there is nothing better to ask for...everyone one should take advantage of this training programme