Friday, March 5, 2010

Which law supports Corlette’s claim that the Minister was wrong?

Kaieteur News on Thursday March 4th 2010 carried an article titled “Minister acted outside of jurisdiction-Corlette” in which the Chairman of Region Four (4) Clement Corlette is reported at saying that “it would lead me to suspect that the Minister was acting beyond his jurisdiction. All disciplinary actions on categories of staff like overseers of NDCs were devolved in June 1983 to the RDC as far as I know, these have not been rescinded.”

The Local Government Act Chapter 28:02 Section 13 clearly states as follows:

The Minister shall have and may exercise in any village or country district any or all the powers of a local authority whenever it appears to the Minister expedient so to do, and may exercise any or all of those powers in any of those districts, whether there is or is not local authority.

Section 14, part 1 states as follows:

Subject to this Act and the by-laws, the Minister shall have the superintendence of all village and country districts in Guyana, and shall have and exercise general powers of supervision, inspection, and control over several local authorities and the officers and servants thereof.

Section 14, part 2 states:

In the exercise of those general powers the Minister may:

(a) Review the order or decision of any village council or country authority, or of a committee or any chairman of a village council or any country authority, and declare such order or decision to be invalid in which case the order or decision shall ipso facto be void, and may substitute for the order or decision any order or decision which he deems proper, and any order or decision so substituted shall have the same force and effect in all respects as if it had been made by the village council or country authority.

(b) For good cause remove from office the chairman or any member of a country authority, or any overseer or other officer of a village council or country authority and in his stead appoint a chairman, member, overseer or other officer, as the case may be

In light of all that is stated above it is simply mind boggling to understand the source of Corlette’s seemingly uninformed pronouncement. Surely, being the Regional Chairman his convictions ought to have been guided by the law, and as such, he must state where the law supports his statement.


  1. Cant believe this is a chairman of the region 4 RDC and doesn't know the law of it are these people for real...

  2. Exactly, let him justify his statement that is in accordance to the law, this man is just unbelievable especially when he is proven wrong and want to play strong, Corlette needs to get a grip of himself, he is one of those individual, as soon as they get a position they feel they can fly there mouth and turn the law to suit them, little do they know that is not how goes in any policy rendering in Guyana.