Friday, March 12, 2010

Christopher Ram, like his colleagues in the AFC, is a dunce for a Lawyer.

Kellawan Lall: Mr. Christopher Ram is dead wrong in his contention that I have “general direction and supervision over the registration and voters, and over the administrative conduct of elections” in his March 11 letter to Kaieteur News. What Ram is ignorant about is the nature and scope of my work. I have a lot of it, but a little comic relief from him does no harm.
Similarly, he is dead wrong in a previous letter in which he asserts that the request by me to the Auditor General to investigate alleged irregularities in Region Four is tantamount to instructions to the Auditor General, thereby violating the constitution.
This one is childish and needs no response. The March 11 one is even worse but needs to be answered given its wicked intention to fool the electorate and the general public.

Under the PNC there was such a law giving the Minister such powers and one can understand the reason, elections being what they were under that regime. When elections were in the air in 1990, however, and when it was clear that the old systems were not going to work in an era of democratic elections, President Desmond Hoyte passed the Local Democratic Organs (Elections) Act (22 of 1990).
That Act, Section 3(1) states: “Elections shall be independently supervised by the Elections Commission and for this purpose the Commission shall have, and exercise and discharge, all incidental functions.
(2)Without prejudice and to the provisions of subsection (1), the Commission shall — (a) exercise general direction and supervision over registration of voters and the conduct of all elections”.
Now Section 34(1) of that Act refers to a Second Schedule. That Second Schedule amends the Local Authorities (Elections) Act (Cap. 28:03) the one referred to by Mr. Ram, in the following way:
Section 3(1) of the Local Authorities Act which reads “The Minister shall — (a) exercise general direction and supervision over the registration of voters and over administrative conduct of elections:” has been deleted.
And subsection 3(2) of that Act has been amended and provided that wherever the word “Minister” appears, it should be substituted by the words “Elections Commission.”
Further, the Local Authorities (Elections) (Amendment) Act of 2009, making way for new electoral arrangements at Neighbourhood and Municipals levels, passed by the PPP/C administration, consolidates that position.
Indeed, very complicated! Laws and the making of laws are complicated matters and need extremely close study before pronouncing on same. Good lawyers, I have observed, do just that. Ram’s dogmatic view of his infallibility, however, precludes such effort on his part.
I hope that Ram, in his reply, would not, like the Overseer and Chairman of the Eccles/Ramsburg NDC, claim that “I did not know the law.” I urge Ram to stick to comedy: it is less complicated.


  1. Its not a surprise for him to be called a dunce since he had taken the bar exams on many occasion and fail is only last year time he past..........

  2. This man always giving some prediction and thinks he knows it all but is always prove to be wrong i don't know why he don't find something else to do with his life.

  3. I don't know why this man always fool himself that he knows the law in and out but little does he know that his little knowledge is fooling him that he took so long to obtain...first of he shouldn't even muster a word but take interest in wife who taking man on top he to criticize the government that Ram he cant see what happening right in front his eyes

  4. this man don’t ever give with his trash, just man took so long to get a get a certificate out of strong consideration, this was so because they were had a soft for him for trying so long, now he writing on bombarding on the local government election that doesn't make any sense for his worthless contribution...Ram is a total waste!!!

  5. Here is a man writing about people when it took him gods knows how many years to pass his exams so if people say that he is wrong with his writing well then they are right cause he is a dunce

  6. Maybe that certificated verified that this man is a mad man, he is not far from Freddie Kission, love to write trash...they believe they know of a better administration of running this country but as usual there contentions have always proven to be wrong...

  7. This man should stick to comedy than to take on anything little too complicated, doesn't he realize that he is a mockery to existence and yet he wants to hold a position, impossible!!!

  8. Guyana's first class comedian, couldn't get any better, yes Ram, the man who love to make a fool out of himself...his analogy of politics is right off the course to entertainment...Ram goat taking the stage…