Wednesday, March 24, 2010

AFC continues to float ideas without a word about how they will become a reality.

Randy Persaud: The AFC top economic man continues to float lofty ideas without a word about how those ideas will become reality.
To add insult to injury Peter Ramsaroop of the AFC wants his party to get credit for the economic development that is evident in Guyana.
Imagine that Ramsaroop is proposing a closer link with Brazil while a 50-member delegation from that country is actually here in Guyana. The Brazilian team met with economic and political leaders in Linden on Monday (22-03-10) while Ramsaroop was penning his article! Talk about a political party that is out of touch. Get with it Peter.
I wonder if Peter knows that Prime Minister Hinds and GoInvest CEO Geoff Da Silva were in Linden at those discussions. I wonder if he knows that the visiting team is having extensive meetings with the business community in Guyana.
The AFC should attend some of these. It may learn something.
Ramsaroop’s “Not developed here – slow pace economics’ (SN, 2.23.10) article provides fresh insight into why the AFC cannot make any real contribution to this country. As the Brazil story shows, the AFC is always behind the curve.
Trust me there are even more egregious claims in the AFC “Economic Corner”. Ramsaroop wants Guyana to be a Green Anchor. He claims that this is an AFC idea. I am not sure where the AFC people are living, but anyone living in Guyana will know about the commitment of the PPP administration to agriculture.
I also wonder if the AFC ever heard of something called the LCDS. They almost voted against it.
Finally, in a desperate attempt to gain some recognition the “Not developed here” article looked around and found Con***ius relevant. Of all the things Con***ius said, Mr. Ramsaroop found the defence of stealing books worthy of quoting. One individual in Guyana may be happy with this revelation but the Guyanese masses won’t be impressed. Of that, I am sure.

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