Monday, March 8, 2010

Benschop says PNC leaders conspired to put him in jail!

-Says PNC does not own 'Black People'!
Describes Kwayana as radical and a 'Political Grasshopper'

Speaking during an interview on Internet radio Demerarawaves, Mayoral aspirant, political agitator and former treason accused Mark Benschop stated unambiguously that "the PNC doesn't own 'Black people'"

Also in a very ungrateful but familiar manner he chastised PNC/R leader Robert Corbin, who advocated for his Presidential pardon. Benschop alleged that he was viewed as a threat by senior leaders of the PNC, including Corbin, before his incarceration for Treason. He said that they conspired to put him away in prison and that Corbin pretended that he was fighting for his release while in prison when instead he was very much elated about his incarceration.

Benschop also compared himself to South Africa's Nelson Mandela when asked why he accepted the presidential pardon by Bharrat Jagdeo. He also went to to state rather shamelessly that he was forced to accept it after considering that his 5 year old son was without a father and there was no male presence in the home.
However, the home is still without a male as Benschop and his wife are on the throes of separation!

He severally criticized ACDA and its executive members terming them a 'pro-PNC organization' which purports to represent 'black people'. He suggested that ACDA supporters were being used to further the PNC's agenda. And he also launched a scathing attack on elder statesman Eusi Kwayana describing his actions in previous years gone by as radical. He inferred to Kwayana's call for the division of Guyana and said that unlike Kwayana he (Benschop) didn't jump from party to party.

Callers to the programme queried why more details were not provided about Benschop's plans and programmes for the city of Georgetown and who are his candidates. He did address this but offered only two names.

However, as of Saturday last Benschop contracted the services of a taxi which was used to ferry 2 Afro-Guyanese women to solicit membership and candidates for his party in certain south Georgetown wards. In some cases persons were receptive and many others chased them from their yards, especially in the Agricola and West Ruimveldt areas.


  1. If Benschop can reveal that the PNC does nothing for the people of this country who else can see that.

  2. Who could have imagined that Benschop was fooled by the PNC, there own advocate such a pity, just served him we will be hearing more of the PNC dirty habits is just time for more to surface

  3. Like ole people is seh mouth open story jump out.Mark was among the PNC before they turn on him and now he is talkin about the things they did and their member who were glad when the innocent were killed.

  4. Poor Benshop, nobody wants to support him imagine his own race neglected him...I hope he realizes that this is what is what one get when he/she is considered a trouble maker...soon his own son will go against him for all the buggering he normally take in this place…