Monday, March 8, 2010

The results of being fed 'Dependency on the State' by the PNC!

Guyanese young men not interested in education to elevate self

March 8, 2010 | By KNews | Filed Under News

…development programmes provide opportunity for skills training - survey

A survey funded by the United Nations Development Fund (UNDP) and conducted by a team from the University of the West Indies has found that young men in Guyana no longer consider education as a means through which they can elevate themselves.
As such, the team has suggested that the Guyanese society needs to find ways to encourage boys to participate more meaningfully.
It was pointed out that as it stands, women in the Guyanese society are more responsive and responsible for dealing with the issues of the family and community.
“It is apparent that boys lag behind girls in the education system, and by extension, the working environment also…For the adolescent boys, sports are a big ‘pull’, and in some cases it is the only activity that can bring young boys and fathers together,” the report found.
The team cited that an important concern arising from investigation has been the high drop-out rate among secondary school students.


  1. Well something needs to be done, we need our men to be meaningful leaders in the future to come, and education as we all know is the key to success, if they are so fond of sports they still need education to administer there success in sports as well, a programme needs to be put in place in getting these boys to focus in school on there education and not only on girls...they need to know what is more important in life and get a grip of themselves

  2. Oh gosh! This is by the PNC so we all know that is a need to elaborate further other than the PNC being a lying set of hypocrites and no one should fall for there trash…

  3. The PNC will tell those very youths that it is better to "bun the erbs pun de line top" instead of finding work or educating themselves. But I also blame the parents for this sad state of affairs because they have fallen victim to the PNC's garbage ....again.

  4. The boys them don't have a choice, it is not easy to be subjected to these hypocrites lies, definitely these boys will be overcome by them, it is the parents now who should put a barrier of this nonsense by the PNC, because it is there children lives that will be in conflict, the PNC are nothing less than masterminds