Monday, March 8, 2010

No interest by the Guyanese public on Opposition Presidential hopefuls!

Of late there is much debate on who will be the next PPP Presidential candidate, with a few names being put forward and some publicly stating their willingness to accept should such a position be conferred on them. However, no such interest is being shown at the potentials in the opposition camp in the media sphere nor elsewhere. Not even the highly touted AFC presidential hopefuls are generating such interest in the eyes of the public!

This is being attributed in many circles to the fact that the PPP has and continues to find favour with many in the voting populace. An evaluation of the last elections results is demonstrative of as such. It seems persons have relatively lost hope with the visionless, unpatriotic and destructive tactics of the opposition. They attribute this to the fact that while many who sit on the opposition benches preach 'CHANGE' they themselves display tendencies that are worst that those they allege are practiced by the current government. Two instances noted are the way in which Corbin dealt with the leadership challenge within his party and the dousing of acid on former AFC founder-member Gaumattie Singh after she went public with her disapproval of the actions of the party leadership.

So as it currently stands, all eyes are focused on who the next PPP Presidential candidate will be as there seems to be no hope in the Opposition's ability to win free and fair elections in Guyana.


  1. The public have no interest in the opposition since they try to fill the public with lies which the people realizes that they are just trying to lead them down the wrong path.

  2. Why would anybody want the opposition in power these people are a set of scoundrels who only thinks about themselves, and plus all they can do is bicker with one another. The PPP party has been the only stable one in Guyana and development over the years has proved add to this all the opposition ever did is rig the election, there is now way of them having a chance at power

  3. That is the reckless ways of the oppositions party, fighting and bickering amongst each, with there supporters are normally subjected to there behaviour...rigging the elections, brutalizing and lying to the people, there is no hope for the people with the agenda of these opposition parties, the AFC and PNC should just give up there post and save the country half or there drama