Thursday, March 25, 2010

Brazilian investors meet Linden business community

Linden, Region Ten is recognised as a potential hub for trade and exploitation of Guyana’s immense natural wealth, made possible through the Lethem road linking Guyana and Brazil.
Brazilian investors from the SEBRAE Group-Brazil met with the Linden business community today at a business conference to foster areas of cooperation, partnership and business development.

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Prime Minister Samuel Hinds interacting with President of SEBRAE, Almir Morais Sa at the new Christianburg Transshipment Terminal site in the Region Ten. In the photo are Chief Executive Officer, Go-Invest, Geoffrey Da Silva and other representatives of the region and institutions.

The forum which was organised by the Regional Democratic Council through the Linden Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Development, Linden Enterprise Network (LEN) and the Mayor and Town Council was held at the Egbert Benjamin Exhibition and Conference Centre, Linden to cultivate opportunities for collaboration with businesses in Brazil.
“We are at the beginning of great things, we are at the beginning of a great increase in trade and comers as well as cultural mix between Guyana and Brazil, in particular Linden, Region Ten and Roraima,” Prime Minister Samuel Hinds said during remarks at the session.


  1. It good that the linden business community well be boosted by this venture and also to see that invest are looking to Guyana to invest in.

  2. All around there are more investment allocated to Guyana with other shows that Guyana is recognized with its progressive relations with other countries...this indeed another positive venture having investment with Brazil thus this community will benefit a whole lot