Monday, March 8, 2010

Why is Mike Mc Cormack and his G.H.R.A silent on the recent upsurge in robbery related deaths in Guyana?

Aren't the lives of the victims of the callousness of criminals just as important to Mc Cormack and his organization as the lives of these very criminals are?
Since the year began, there have been countless acts of armed robbery with deadly consequences; hardly a day goes by without one reading of some gun-related story.

As bad as these stories are, the most distressing thing about the situation is no one seems to care. Specifically, the print and electronic media houses; those who should be the watchdogs of society, where are they, why aren’t they out in force condemning these killings.

Instead the deaths of criminals killed in confrontation with law enforcement officials attract the attention of these folks.


  1. The G.H.R.A only raise their voices when the criminals are being killed.Is this a organization for human rights and are only concern about the people who rob and steal for the citizens.

  2. The GHRA should be rename the Guyana Criminal Rights association, they want 5 star hotel treatment for miscreants like Waddell, Dale moore and others while forgetting the plight of the victims, the man who was burnt alive for example and others.