Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What the people say on Corbin's announcement!

Satish(U.S.A): Having spoken to PNCR leader Robert Corbin previously, I am of the opinion that he is an amiable man who tried to do the best job he could with tools that were ill–suited to the matter in hand.

The truth of the matter is that the PNC has never really buried its disgraceful dead and far too many of the PNC’s individual voters see the founding father of the PNC (Dictator Burnham) as some sort of national hero. Because of this sad fact, the king-makers of the PNC can replace Mr Corbin with Murray, Alexander, Charles, Ramjattan or Benschop and IT WILL NOT MAKE A BLIND BIT OF DIFFERENCE.

The only way for things to change for the PNC would be for each of their voters to acknowledge that the PNC originated from the most ghastly mistakes but having acknowledged those mistakes, that it is time for a change in direction.
That in future, the PNC will hold sacred the concept of ONE-MAN-ONE-VOTE and that they will embrace above all else, FREE MARKET ENTERPRISE ESPECIALLY IN THE FIELD OF EXPORTS.

Maybe change is coming because missing from Chairman Cammie Ramsaroop’s pathetic rant was the standard accusation that the Guyana government is guilty of human rights abuses!
The PNC sadly therefore HAS YET TO EVOLVE its philosophies and ideologies before the wavering voters can move to embrace them.

Mr Robert Corbin has served Guyana well and he did the best job he could and he can rest in the knowledge that there was no disgrace during his stewardship of the PNC.

Soldier(U.S.A): Robert Corbin must be credited for bringing the PNCR from a renegade party that was involved in Street protests , looting and beating innocent people on the streets to one which can contest any election in Guyana and attract votes from all races…

John(Guyana): Great News. I suggest he leaves now and make way for the new candidate. We heard that years before now


  1. Is about time that he leave that party cause he int serving no purpose he int doing nothing for the supporters

  2. It is the best thing he has done for his party and his supporters under his leadership...well he has no choice his health is not up to standard for the coming election...so it is a good thing he backed down…

  3. This should improve the image of the PNC getting ride of the old vanguard per se. The removal of those who presided over the darkest periods in Guyana and by extension have a closet full of skeletons should be welcomed news and is an indication that the PNC might finally be maturing.