Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Boyo's death being milked for political mileage by AFC .

It is a shame that the AFC has stooped so low as is demonstrated in its resort to prostituting the death of Boyo Ramsaroop in an attempt to win over traditional PPP supporters. Boyo's own son Gerhard is leading the prostitution.

It is illusionary. The whole concept of the AFC being “a third , above the fray saviour” for the nation has no basis in a sober, objective understanding of Guyanese political culture which is centered on working people of all races backing the PPP.


  1. Well we all know that AFC normally stoop to lowest level in attaining votes but this is to an extent that is so undermining for any human being to ever consider doing...the AFC shouldn’t really consider showing there face in public for there devious acts...these people are just shameful!!

  2. This party should think twice before attempting to approach the traditional PPP supporters in any circumstances possible because they know what they are and what are the objectives being with know that have stoop so low doesn’t have words to describe a political party behaving in such a manner...

  3. dont know when this party gon don with them prostituting themselves with every little problem them just trying to get lil recognition cause the people mussy only know about them when they try to say something to sound important..