Wednesday, March 10, 2010

UN Secretary General praises Guyana's relief efforts for Haiti

NEW YORK, USA -- The United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon in a letter to President Bharrat Jagdeo has praised Guyana's contribution of US$1 million to aid relief efforts for earthquake-devastated Haiti.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. AFP PHOTO
The Secretary General said that “the funds were not only timely, but an example of neighbourly solidarity to a country in dire need. Guyana is a generous donor to Haiti in terms of per capita GDP and I commend you and the Guyanese people, who I understand have separately managed to raise over $266 million to date.”

Additionally, over 15 containers of food items, water and clothing have been shipped to Haiti.

Haiti’s capital was struck by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake on January 12, killing tens of thousands of people.

The financial contributions of several countries to the Haitian crisis were assessed by the Relief Web, Guardian Datablog: Information is Beautiful, which placed Guyana on top of the list of the most generous countries.

Guyana’s donation was rated as 0.088 percent of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) crediting it the most generous country to have donated to Haiti. Second in line was Ghana with 0.018 percent.


  1. It good to see that Guyana effort to help Haiti was well recognize and goes to show that Guyana is being seen on the world map.

  2. That is the good will of our government and the people, always there to assist when others are in need, and that was a traumatizing moment for those devastated people, for a fact there were grateful for whatever little help they received, and Guyana should be proud to know that it reach a standard of helping internationally with the initiative of our government

  3. For Guyana to carry such a rating of contributions in the Caribbean and around the world, it clearly shows that Guyana is at its peak of development to render such assistance, it was for a worthy cause and those people were really in need of help...well done Guyana

  4. Guyana has rise indeed, with its recent development definitely concludes that they have met strata of international standards to be helping Haiti, good work Guyana , these people are grateful for your help and it is indeed a good motive in giving an helping hand