Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Aishalton Toshao deems APA claims on LDCS a lie.

The claim of ‘Indigenous leaders calling for hold on LCDS, REDD+ projects’ circulating in the media has been rejected by Toshao Hildebrand James of Aishalton, Region 9.
James told the Government Information Agency (GINA) that he was not part of the workshop, “Indigenous Peoples Rights”, recently conducted by the Amerindian People’s Association (APA) with some indigenous leaders.
And so the organisation cannot make the generalisation indicating that all indigenous leaders were consulted on the matter.
He noted that he would have gladly participated in the workshop and highlighted that his non-participation was as a result of not being invited. James stated that only certain Toshaos were invited to the workshop.
This he noted was not a consultation and definitely not democracy. Had it been a democratic process, James argued, he would have been invited and given the opportunity to make contributions during the one-week workshop.
He further argued that he was mandated by the people of his community to represent them on certain issues and not the APA. James sees the APA’s move as a “slap in the face” of the National Toshaos Council (NTC), since no one from the NTC was invited to the workshop.
“The NTC is the legal body to deal with issues concerning Amerindians in Guyana and I think they should have at least informed the NTC,” James said.
The Toshao noted that his community was consulted on the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) and observed that even though the strategy may have technical jargon, after the consultation many of the villagers understood the document. James said he also conducted other meetings with his community on the LCDS so as to further clear up any matters of concern.
“Last year, when we were at the National Toshaos Council meeting, the President clearly told the indigenous leaders that we are free to make our decisions if we want to opt in or not to opt in the system,” James noted.
In addition, James informed GINA that he has in his possession a copy of the second draft of the LCDS and will soon review it and consult his people on its contents.
James contended that the APA is not working for the benefit of Amerindians in Guyana.


  1. Imagine the negligence of these people, a man in charged of this community was not invited, how provoking!!! and he was willing to give further recognition to the LCDS, yet the fools from the opposition will misinterpret this focal point and say that the man couldn’t careless about the LCDS...just the work of the vagabonds

  2. This definitely got to be the work of the PNC…anything with the cause of benefiting the people, the AFC will take pride in obstructing it form happening…these so called bastards will never let go of there dirty habits…it is the people who have to decide because we know for a fact they would not finish with there shit

  3. Well we all know how the opposition operate try to gain a political point every time some one got something against the government so they look like the good ones......but every time they do it they always a way that they are being expose.....shame on them.

  4. Do not think that every concern raised against a project or proposal of the government is evil.

    I am apolitical. However, I recognise the progress we have made as a nation under the PPP government. I have no such commendation for the PNC-run government of the 80s (during which I was a boy). On the otherhand, if this present government takes on a policy that leads to marginalisation or victimization the Amerindian people, it will loose it footing.

    It should be noted that the Ameriandians ruled the whole of South America at one time. Their technology was eons ahead of other civilisations of the day.

    The time may come again when the "people of the soil" will need to show their resilience and strength. In our understanding there are no borders; no boundries. Though we may be a minority in Guyana, our numbers inflate greatly when one consider that our brothers, cousins and uncles reside just over the next border.

    Governments should be warned to never take us lightly. We will not fade into the mist and disappear if what is sacred to us is trampled.