Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Corbin received $8M retirement package!

Earlier this year we had reported this:

We have learnt through our usually reliable sources that a deal has been brokered within the PNC/R that would see its incumbent leader, Robert Corbin, stepping down and making way for either Aubrey Armstrong or Van West Charles to become the leader sometime before the holding of Presidential elections in 2011.

According to our source, the deal was brokered after days of intense discussions at a popular city hotel that allows for Corbin to receive $8M dollars as part of what they termed his 'retirement package'. He has reportedly received $5M already and is poised to receive the remainder as long as he comes through with his end of the deal.

There are also reports that Winston Murray is very skeptical of the whole arrangement as according to him Corbin is known to renege on his promises. Murray cited one such case as being Corbin's earlier promise to step down from the PNC/R's leadership made in the run-up to the elections of 2006, should he(Corbin) loose, which he later did and also failed to step down.

The recent announcement that Robert Corbin will not be the PNC's 2011 Presidential Candidate confirms what we had written then.


  1. Well i guess that he get the money that he wanted to step down for running for the presidency

  2. Look money what this man get just to step down, even though he is nothing but a looser, known to rig the elections the culprit stepping down finally, yet he got them other waste who taking his place baffled, this man is a real hypocrite

  3. The words finally come to pass...Corbin finally stepping down with $8M in his pocket, he get more than the president of this country...this looser aint got shame, then they talking about the president trips abroad, is just time for these people

  4. Bai Corbin you do the right thing take the money and give them the chance to try to bring back the PNC so when them continue to cant get votes who them gon blame..........

  5. gosh man one loser stepped down and two more on the roll for his position...I don’t know why they just don't give up and done...the party isn't up to challenges for the people, I hope there supporters have seen who there leader was, the sum for his retirement just says it all...

  6. This is Corbin being true to form, he is the political opportunist, he sees an avenue open for him to gain some more wealth and he goes for it, deal or no deal this will go straight through the window, the hunger for power runs in his veins.