Monday, March 8, 2010

Having defied every odd for the past sixty years.......the PPP is as strong as ever

A WIDE cross-section of Guyanese and members of the diplomatic and political community yesterday gathered at the Babu John crematorium at Port Mourant, Corentyne, Berbice to pay homage to the ‘revered’ late leaders of Guyana, Dr. Cheddi Jagan and his wife, Janet.

And there was a clarion call by President Bharrat Jagdeo yesterday for their legacy to be kept alive, in the midst of our people, including the children.

Addressing the 13th annual wreath laying and memorial observances for Dr. Jagan at Babu John, President Jagdeo said the late ‘father of the Guyanese nation’ bestowed the country with great dignity and pride, and left a lasting legacy that will be an “inspiration to all our people”.

“Every year I come here and after the speeches, I urge you to remain vigilant because it is only through your vigilance and your knowledge that we can adequately secure the legacy that Cheddi Jagan and Janet Jagan bequeathed to us,” he insisted.

President Jagdeo also told the gathering that 60 years after the PPP was formed and after it has consistently led every single struggle that matter in this country during those years, “the party remains as strong as ever”.

“We remain strong because we have defied every odd; we remain strong because the various attempts to side track us, to get rid of us, have all failed; we remain strong because in spite of the rigging of elections, in spite of street protest, in spite of support for criminals for political purposes – the PPP is in power and will remain in power for a very long time in the future,” President Jagdeo declared confidently.

He said the party has a proud legacy, and supporters must be proud to say that they are associated with this great party, which has led every struggle with dignity, and for improvement of people’s lives.

Mr. Jagdeo said during the years in office, the PPP administration has had a proud track record, changing a country that was characterised by hopelessness.

He maintained that today, because of the hard work, the country is on the move, and going strong with a bright future ahead.

Analyzing the changes made over the years, he said last year, despite being a crisis year with the global economic and financial meltdown, Guyana managed to secure the second highest growth rate in the entire Latin America and the Caribbean, with the largest budget ever this year.

The President observed that people are coming back to the country investing in homes, businesses, and infrastructure.

“It is not drug money. Every time people see you build a new house, the Alliance for Change (AFC) and the People’s National Congress (PNC) say drug money,” he said with sarcasm.

“But you check the growth in wealth because of the growth in our economy and you will see the financial growth - as characterised by aggregate deposits in our banking system - reflects the growth in the economy and that is where the money is coming from,” he explained.


  1. Right on President Jadgeo!!! The PPP has secured a bright future for the people and Guyana over the years and nothing can change that...Dr. Jagan and his wife has fought and won the battle in every aspect when it came to the enhancement and development of Guyana. Indeed they are legends to this land and no one should forget that...Our president is trying his utmost best and credit should be given to him for his tremendous contribution...

  2. Indeed Guyana has built an spectrum that is sustainable for any difficulty which it has to measure up to, be it social, political or economical, for a developing country its still succeeds and prevails...most of these accomplishment should be credited to the PPP party for there omnipresent leadership, especially Dr. Jagan and his wife, it is wonderful that this month was dedicated to these great people for all there hard work…

  3. With all of these sources towards Guyana development and yet the opposition parties are still bombarding the government with there criticism...indeed all that has been said are factual because there are proof to show what this country has accomplished over the years all due to the PPP party, what can be concluded now is to say "Hail to the PPP/C!!!".

  4. They will continue to claim that it's the drugs money because that's what is funding their parties. So they think that every hardworking Guyanese will rely on narcotics for a living. It's difficult for them to fathom the fact that Guyanese can earn an honest living and live comfortably at that.