Monday, September 21, 2009

City Stinks Because Kongress Place Owes Millions

It has been revealed that Congress place owes the M&CCC $100 million in unpaid taxes, hence the responsibility for the stench emanating from Georgetown should be place solely at Corbin's feet. Coincidentally Hammie who recently rejoined that party said nothing about the unpaid taxes from Kongress place but was to quick to shift the blame to the Government.


  1. That's all they do blame the government, what happen now?? Why didn't Green inform the government that the PNC owns Millions to the M&CCC...

    Green getting a cut out of the loot that's why the country stinking with their corruption...

  2. That's why the city looking like the PNC, garbage all over, and why hasn't this news gotten to Benchop as yet???

  3. That's why Green got on the PNC executive. A deal was made by him and corbin. his seat in the PNC executive cost $100 million of tax payers money