Friday, September 4, 2009

Corbin shits himself again!

PNC/R leader, Robert Corbin speaks shits on the Immigration Authorities' order for 50 'undocumented' foreign missionaries to leave in the next 30 days: “We consider it an affront to the religious community for the Jagdeo administration to behave in such an arbitrary and high-handed manner…smacking quiet clearly as an assault on the religious community, and one must wonder what they have done to reap such unjust rewards from a criminal administration…when they should in fact be seeking to get prayers and blessings from any religious sect at this time for their misdeeds over the last few months as have been revealed in the US courts,”

Is this the same Corbin whose party was complicit in the death of hundreds of persons via the Jonestown massacre a few decades ago? Was Jim Jones' work permit in order? Perhaps if similar checks had been made back then hundreds of lives could've possibly been saved. How much prayers did the PNC administration of which Corbin played an integral part in seek for their 28 years of misdeeds? Which religious grouping did they look to during their hours of redemption seeking; The People's Temple or House of Israel? This is not to in any way to make similar comparisons between the activities of the Mormons and Jones' group but one has to clearly highlight the double standards and hypocritical aspects of Corbin's latest defecation!


  1. As a lawyer by profession Corbin of all persons would understand the concept of adhering to rule of law, but then a gain in practice he has demonstrated the contrary. I suspect that is why the PNC has always had a flirtatious relationship with criminals.

  2. Corbin and the PNC are considered to be toy soldiers. They want things and situation to run in a way to suit their own flim and fancy lifestyle.