Monday, September 7, 2009

Dead woman voted at PNC/R Congress!

Julianne Gaul: "During the registration of members leading up to the 2007 Congress I was tasked by Team Alexander with the responsibility to verify membership in Region 2. I took copies of membership forms submitted to the respective persons in a village on the Essequibo Coast to have them verify whether or not they had indeed registered for membership in the PNCR. All of the persons visited and for whom forms were submitted, signed on the forms indicating that the signatures on the forms presented were not theirs and they had not applied or asked anyone to apply for membership on their behalf. One of the forms was for a dead woman, whose sister, a nursery school head teacher in the village, signed on the form I showed her attesting to the fact that her sister had died years before. All of the forms for this village were filled using the same handwriting. Upon my return from Essequibo the information was presented to the General Secretary of the party but nothing was done. I understand that these names surfaced again in 2009. Even the dead woman, allegedly reapplied for membership in 2009."


  1. This is not surprising given the fact that Today we see the PNC Condoning the violation of Guyana's LAWS, with the Mormons episode. Burnham is probably saying "They learnt well." His protege Corbin is continuing the rigging machinery he inherited from his predecessors.

  2. As far as I am concern we should take a rain check and see if Hoyte and Burnham still voting!!!

    With all the rigging, they aren’t just loosing the people but also their own members as well, how much corruption can one take!!!