Wednesday, September 16, 2009

WICB to Caricom: The management of West Indies cricket is the prerogative of the WICB!

The West Indies Cricket Board is offering a predictable response to Caricom's efforts to solve the player/board crisis: Stay out of our business.

In response to a Caricom communique with a list of recommendations to solve the ongoing dispute with the players, WICB vice president Dave Cameron made it clear the management of West Indies cricket "is the prerogative of the WICB."

"The first line in Caricom's communique is something I'd like to emphasize. The management of West Indies cricket is the prerogative of the WICB. I commend Caricom for having that foresight," Cameron said bluntly on CBC radio in Barbados.

That line reads:

CARICOM Heads of Government have always taken the position that the management of West Indies cricket is the province of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) and its affiliate organisations.

"Recommendations are just recommendations," Cameron said, a strong hint the the WICB had no interest in following through on Caricom's suggestions.

Cameron's statement follows a WICB executive committee meeting in Barbados over the weekend where the board decided that Caricom had no real say in the running of West Indies cricket.

WICB president Julian Hunte met last night to discuss Caricom's position and to offer the WICB's response.

The West Indies Players' Association (WIPA) has accepted the Caricom recommendations, which include arbitration on a number of outstanding/disputed issues.

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