Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eric Phillips gets another mauling!

HARRY HERGASH: Eric Phillips in a letter captioned "It's a moral imperative that these two imbalances be addressed" in the Kaieteur News of September 13, 2009 writes, "If Indians did not vote for Desmond Hoyte who was very pro-Indian and who engaged the REFORM to bring about fundamental change in the PNC...why would they vote for the PNC or the AFC now". Again, the impression is conveyed that Indians are more apt to vote on the basis of race. Well, Mr. Phillips seems to have missed the story that Africans in the PNC did not elect Mr. Murray recently as the leader of that party, although Mr. Murray is seen as an outstanding party member with all the requisite qualities to be leader. And if we go further back to 1992, why did Africans stick with the PNC after all the years of food lines, Walter Rodney's murder, etc? Putting aside the PPP, why did they not vote for the WPA?" Could it be that they did not want to split the African vote, the same charge that is often levelled against Indians?


  1. Sam Hinds has received much adulation from Indians in this country and he is Afro Guyanese. The evidence suggest that Indians do not have a problem with the ethnicity of their leaders, they judge them on one basis, competence. Afro-Guyanese are the same except of course those who have been brainwashed by the PNC's machinery just ask Mervyn Williams.

  2. Not only Sam Hinds but many Africans have received assistance and being acknowledged by the PPP government, its nothing new. Race should not be the main focus when choosing a president to govern our country, we need to make a change out of the race card and start acting wisely.

  3. Sam Hinds is a well respected gentleman in the Indian Community.
    He is present at all the Indian festival in Guyana.