Thursday, September 10, 2009

Van West Charles and Murray to form Political Party!

Reports from our usually reliable sources indicate that the spill-out from the recent PNC/R leadership imbroglio has resulted in moves by Winston Murray, Van West Charles and Co. to form their own political party. The initiative has managed to attract big names such as Stanley Ming, Vincent Alexander, James Mc Allister, Aubrey Norton, Andrew Hicks, Jerome Khan and many others, all of whom have had falling-outs with the current leader, Robert Corbin. An aggressive recruitment drive has already begun in Linden and the proposed name for the party is being touted as PNC or Peoples National Congress.

Reports also suggest that they have chosen to use an image of Cuffy as the party's symbol, a path that was also taken by Burnham back in 1955 after his failed bid to take the leadership of the PPP resulted in his expulsion.

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  1. It seems as the PNC once again is falling apart and a new party (TDP- Team Destruction Party) would be formed...