Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Post Congress Report deails how PNC/R elections were stolen by Corbin!

Winston Murray

According to a post-Peoples National Congress Reform (PNCR) biennial congress report documenting the preparations, actual congress and results of the elections, Winston Murray who had challenged the incumbent leader Robert Corbin would have won had it not been for massive irregularities such as multiple voting.

The report was prepared by the team assembled by Dr Richard Van West Charles and stated that the adjusted votes for Corbin and Murray are 339 and 358 votes respectively. “This is a clear indication that the irregularities were sufficient to have affected the results of the elections.”
According to the report, of the total votes Corbin received, 150 were as a result of impersonation, 140 as a result of multiple voting and another 15 as a result of disenfranchisement
The report also indicated that the election process in the PNCR commences with membership registration and ends with the declaration of the results at the Congress, and the review of the entire process reveals a conspiracy to undermine democracy in the Party.
It was pointed out that the distribution of membership application forms is organized so that the status quo can determine how many members can exist in any group, district or region.
“Forms are stamped and numbered and groups are not allowed to photocopy them. Only forms collected from Congress Place are deemed valid for the purpose of application…It was found that this mechanism was used to discriminate against the Guyana Youth and Student Movement (GYSM), Region No. 4, Region No. 10 and various groups across the country.”
It was pointed out that a major discrepancy was the falsification of membership forms, and that sufficient evidence of serious padding of the membership register was presented, but those implicated in membership falsification were afforded the opportunity to undermine the findings.
The report stated that information was sent to those implicated in the fraud to allow them the opportunity to cover their tracks.
As such Team Van West Charles is adamant that the result of the elections at the 16th Biennial Congress is not a reflection of the will of the Party’s membership nor is it reflective of the will of the delegates who turned up.
“If irregularities did not exist Winston Murray could have been elected Leader. The small amount of delegates voting undermines the credibility of the entire process. It is quite possible that subterfuge and delays were used to frustrate and therefore disenfranchise delegates…It must be concluded that the elections at the 16th Biennial Congress were stolen through a massive conspiracy that commenced at membership registration.”

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  1. We must not expect much from the PNC party, they are based on corruption, destruction and rigged elections...

    I wonder out of the votes Corbin obtained how much were dead people votes???