Friday, September 11, 2009

Mormons, PNC/R and Destitution

Mormons perhaps felt PNCR knows best about destitution
THE PNCR says its relationship with the American created Mormon Church is one that helps the destitute in Guyanese society.
A party spokesperson explained that some time ago the Mormons approached them “for assistance in reaching out” to poor and needy communities.
This was most astute of the Mormons who must have realised that this is the party responsible for moving Guyana from becoming the bread basket of the Caribbean to becoming a nation poorer that Haiti. Maybe the church leaders thought that if they wanted to know destitution, they should contact the PNCR.
Still, you have to be wary whenever the PNCR cottons up to an American Church. People can still recall the alleged links the party had with the American Jim Jones and his Jonestown “church” and later it was arm in arm with the House of Israel, which was founded by the late American fugitive, David Hill, or as he was known in Guyana, the Rabbi Edward Washington.

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  1. Speaking about destitution how can we forget that damning 1994 World Bank Report referring to the 1988-1992 period, noted “The government’s capacity to deliver essential services has virtually collapsed. Infrastructure remains severely dilapidated. The supply of potable water is limited to a small proportion of the population, drainage and irrigation systems have deteriorated to the point that they are no longer useful, and health and education services have become so inadequate that social indicators for the country have fallen to among the lowest in the Caribbean.”