Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Dr Torture" & accomplice granted $1M bail!

-victim beaten on the ankles with a sledge hammer and lashed with a bull-whip for over two hours

Dr. Ramsahoye in the background

Magistrate Haymant Ramdhani set bail at $1M each for Dr. Walter Ramsahoye and photographer Clairmonte Marcus, who were both slapped with abduction charges yesterday.
The two appeared at the Mahaica Magistrate’s Court and although they were not required to plead to the indictable charge of abducting 39-year-old Girdharry Surujdei, they pleaded not guilty to the additional charge of assault causing actual bodily harm to the victim.
They were granted $50,000 bail each for the additional charge.
The charges stemmed from their abduction of Surujdei from a location at Chateau Margot on the East Coast of Demerara, on Monday last.
The two men were arrested on Monday night - Dr. Ramsahoye at his home on Church Street and Marcus, of 2206 Flying Fish Street, North Ruimveldt, when he turned up at the Sparendaam Police Station after being summoned.

They both spent the night in the lock-ups and were speedily placed before the court despite their vehement protestations.
Surujdei, alleged that he was snatched from his home at around 17:00 hrs on Monday, bundled into a vehicle, and taken to Ramsahoye’s Church Street, Cummingsburg home.
He also claimed that he was then beaten on the ankles with a hammer and also whipped.
Surujdei claims that he managed to escape after jumping through a window at the premises in which he was being held captive.
The victim who was in court yesterday, hobbled about with a cast on his right foot, evidence of an injury of some sort. Read more.....

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  1. This man Ramsahoye and Sharma are supposed to close buddies perhaps the police should start investigating if Sharma was an accessory to this crime. Sharma is known to have a hand in several shady deals let's see if he has a share in this 10 michael