Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Glenn Exposed !!!!

This is quite Interesting ; food for thought I must add!
The man's visa was recently revoked
He is blacklisted by the RCMP
He is a well known back-tracker which by the way could also involve the trafficking in humans
He built a multi billion dollar media empire by selling shoes in Stabroek Market
He is a partner in the Bhena's container Scandal
His brother is a known pedophile.
He constantly seeks to bribe public officers with and without success
He is sexually involved with his marketing manager Sarah Balgobin who is married with a child.
Word is that he has cheated the businessman from whom he bought his house.
How did he manage to pay for Teshawna's tuition at a prestigious Overseas University? It certainly couldn't be from selling shoes in Stabroek Market?
Find out his relationship with Mark Chandra as well.


  1. Glen Lall was a small shoe vendor in Stabroek Market. But he and the late Neville Sarjoo ran a back track racket where they smuggled over 1,000 Guyanese to the USA.
    He and his brother Reaz Khan had a cocaine exporting empire where they smuggled tons of cocaine to the USA, Canada and Europe.
    He was in competition with Roger Khan and you knew what happen afterwards.

  2. Everybody knows that sarah is Glen fuck mate and thats no lie.