Monday, September 7, 2009

PNC Supports Non Adherence of the Rule of Law!

Oposition seems to be encouraging flouting of Guyana’s laws
I have been following the information on the issue with the Mormons who have over stayed their time in Guyana and have been asked to leave and I think that too many people seem to be missing the point that Guyana’s laws have been broken.
We all are aware that Guyana is an open country which is evident in the fact that the Mormons have been given free reign to go about their business countrywide with no interference.
Guyana has been lenient so far and the fact that these people have been allowed to remain here and practice their religion for so many years is testimony to that leniency. It does not mean that because someone is lenient that they must be taken advantage of. It is like the old saying, you give them an inch and they want to take a mile.
The opposition parties seem to be encouraging the breaking of Guyana’s laws in this instance by supporting these people. They have openly chastised government over the years making claims of lawlessness .Are we to believe that the opposition would have the government flout the laws for this group of people? This is blatant disregard for the country and its laws.
We have all seen what happened with Jonestown where persons came under the guise of religion and we all saw what happened in the years that followed culminating in the tragedy which is a national embarrassment for the country because in some circles that is what Guyana is identified with.
Some Guyanese were not even aware of the situation in Jonestown until after the episode was made public. Would the PNCR like to shed some light on what really transpired where persons who claimed to be men of God took the lives of so many?

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  1. The PNC as An entity that has been engrossed in criminality is now supporting foreigners in breaking the laws of this country. I hope when Africo and others overstay their time in the US, they will be given a similar lenient treatment in return.