Thursday, September 3, 2009

Concerned Guyanese picketed Corbin's home!

The group calling itself 'Concerned Guyanese' today took their picketing action today outside the home of PNC/R leader, Robert Corbin. The group, numbering around 15-20 persons converged in front of Corbin's plush Republic Park residence around 12:15 this afternoon, much to his annoyance.

Among the issues ventilated were the allegations of Corbin's involvement in the rigging of the recently held party congress, along with questions still to be answered on the death of Guyanese historian and former WPA leader Walter Rodney. The also raised concerns about their right to protest peacefully, in reference to attacks carried out against them by known PNC/R activists in the company of Corbin's personal bodyguard whilst taking similar action in front of Congress Place, headquarters of the PNC, recently.

As usual, they were instead questioned by the media about reports of payments and one reporter from Capitol News was heard offering to pay a protester GY$30,000 to say who was behind the funding of the protest, a claim that was vehemently denied by the spokesperson for the picketers! One picketer rightfully charged that similar questions are not posed by the media to PNC/R why them!

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  1. The Guyanese people are demanding answers to question into the death of family members and lavish spending of Government money by PNC executives