Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dr Walter Ramsahoye & accomplice abduct and beat East Coast man!

-beaten on the ankles with a sledge hammer and beaten with a bull-whip

Prominent physician Dr. Walter Ramsahoye and a former policeman were placed in police shortly after midnight today for allegedly abducting a Chateau Margot resident from his home.
The physician has allegedly told police that he carried out the act because the man’s brother, who is his mechanic, owed him $10M.
The two men were still in custody at 01:00 hrs today and are likely to be charged.
The alleged victim, Girdharry Surujdei, 39, alleged that he was snatched from his home at around 17:00 hrs, bundled into a vehicle, and taken to the Ramsahoye’s Church Street, Cummingsburg home.
Surujdei claimed that that he was then beaten on the ankles with a hammer and also whipped.
Surujdei alleged that he managed to escape after jumping through a window at the premises in which he was being held captive.
He was being treated at the Georgetown Public Hospital’s Accident and Emergency Unit at press time today.
Dr. Ramsahoye, who is being detained at the Sparendaam Police Station, has alleged that he had given his mechanic, who is Surujdei’s brother $10M last August to buy a Land Rover.
However, the mechanic allegedly converted the money to his own use while claiming that he had been robbed.
Surujdei told Kaieteur News that he was at his home at around 17:00 hrs when his gate was smashed in. According to him, Dr. Ramsahoye was accompanied by a man who identified himself as a policeman. Kaieteur News has confirmed that the man is no longer a member of the Force.
He claimed that he was then beaten and dragged out of his home and taken to Dr. Ramsahoye’s residence.
According to Surujdei, he was told that his brother owed the physician $10M and that he would not be released until the cash was returned.
The alleged victim also claimed that he was then beaten on the ankles with a sledge hammer and beaten with a bull-whip. Read more...

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