Monday, September 21, 2009

Kwame Mc Koy tape saga takes a new twist!

Reports reaching us indicate that the alleged Kwame Mc Koy tape saga has taken a new twist after it was found that persons were paid huge sums of money to be part of a plot that entailed the fabrication of the tape, its subsequent circulation via Mark Benschop's website, circulation via an e-mail address ( and immense media coverage by two particular media entities.

It is being reported that a significant amount of cash was expended towards manufacturing the tape that saw a person or persons imitating Mc Koy and a female was also paid $300,000 to come forward with the tale of being the mother of the lad that was implicated. The plan was apparently hatched between Benschop, Juliet Holder-Allen, Norris Witter, Lincoln Lewis among others.

We have learnt that it came about as a result of allegations of Mc Koy being behind some of the comments posted on this blog (which we strongly deny), notably, those particularly related to allegations of infidelity on the part of Maria Benschop, the estranged wife of Mark Benschop. The comments were drawn to the attention of Benschop, who is himself famous for making the Andrew Douglas "Freedom Fighter" tape, and Benschop was heard loudly proclaiming "ah gon get he anti-m*n sk**t!"

The allegations have also found favour with some sections of the PNC, particularly Volda Lawrence, who had objected to Mc Koy's nomination and subsequent appointment to the Rights of the Child Committee.

We will bring you more details as they emerge ........................


  1. Volda Lawrence is known for her lawless behavior, so it is no surprise that she would now denigrate to such a level. Parents must be aware who is teaching their children in class. She has involved the life of an alleged 15 year old and more so has gotten the parent to humiliate he child for a few thousand dollars.

  2. Kwame Mc Coy is a known faggot, why try to defend him?

  3. it was kwame n a tape sum1 who is related to him identified him

  4. Ha Ha...yall PPP ass lickers really believe the public would believe this nancy story yall jus mek up to save Kwame bamsee...ha ha ha...ya gotta come better than that OP asswipes....our investigations have revealed all the ip addresses emanating from posts on this blog...yall ain't got shame to use state resources to write shite and useless propoganda...we know the names behind this blog and we know some posts come directly from OP

  5. The PNC will not stop in accusing the current administration in negative story for there own personal interest. They are not seeing the lives they are destroying.

  6. So far, nobody in the PPP has said it is NOT Kwame's voice on the tape. On the other hand, most people who heard the tape clearly believe that it is Kwame on the tape.

  7. This woman has always craved the position that Kwame is in, both at Office of the President and the rights of the children committee.

    I could recall seeing her acting in a vulgar manner at a protest, what example is she setting to our children...jumping and damaging innocent people's vehicles while on her rampage...

  8. You got to be kidding me Anon #6. YOu are definetly taking it up your A-hole too.

    None of the PPP people said that it is not Kwame either you jackass. You gotta be buggaring for a government position or a raise of pay.

  9. Observer you sound like you envy Volda.

    wait a minute Observer you're a man right?
    and you envy Volda (a woman) so that makes you a bonafide ass-licker(faggot).

    The Pee pee pee full of a set of Anti-men, its so sickening to see that they are now craving lil boys batty.

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