Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gay Hard Ramsaroop

This fella was once working at NT Computech, he worked there because he was married to the owner's daughter. Guess why he's no longer there.She caught him with a man in New York, he was subsequently fired and lost a wife in the process. Now it seems he has turned to attacking the Government on the various blog sites. Go right ahead Gay Hard!


  1. Well is the same thing I always talking about they pointing they fingers in the wrong direction...
    Ramsaroop was indeed found with a man in NY, seems that NY men gat it!!!

  2. Thanks you people. Thank you for acknowledging your fear of me and the AFC. This is good work from you indeed. Never thought it'd be this easy showing what the PPP has come to.

    I wonder though, what must be going through Dr. Jagan's mind seeing what those who have hijacked his party are doing.

  3. whether or not ur blog is factual, as long as the act was between 2 consenting ADULTS... its nobody's business. if its forced, coerced or involved a minor...then that's a diffferent story... the PPP @ around 1992 prided itself as a grassroot party by it seems that in 2009 its gone below the dirt...

  4. "Gay Hard" -- how original and mature! It really strengthens the credibility of your post.

    Of course, since you are so well informed and intelligent I believe it should be safe to assume that you've picked up on the sarcasm in this comment? (Thought I'd ask -- you know -- just in case I may be wrong.)