Friday, September 25, 2009

Deh tyring hard to mek Sugar fail!

Chain and stone
The Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc. has viewed with dismay the attempts by unknown individuals to disrupt the positive work environment which has been prevailing in the industry over the past few weeks.
A release from GuySuCo says such an environment has been primarily responsible for workers and the Corporation as a whole achieving certain milestones. Chief among those is the production of over 10,000 tonnes of sugar for the 5th consecutive week.
When such goals are achieved, it is public knowledge that workers benefit through Weekly and Annual Production Incentives, which is why the Corporation is at a loss for the reasoning behind what has been deemed as “acts of sabotage to disrupt its production”.
The situation is even more grave as the difficult economic circumstances which GuySuCo is aggressively focusing on overcoming in the shortest possible period has been well ventilated.
On September 1, 2009, the first act of anti-industrial behavior occurred when a large boulder, weighing approximately 35 kilograms, was placed in a sugar cane punt causing significant damage to the Enmore factory.
A similar act occurred on September 20, when an additional sling chain was placed between sugar canes in a punt, again causing extensive damage to equipment at the same factory.
The following day, a section of a railway track found itself in another punt, this time at the LBI factory. However, in this case the large piece of metal was detected at the feeder table and damage to the factory was averted.
Such behavior causes unnecessary loss of production from factory down time, resulting in the Corporation incurring unnecessary expenditure.
Being Guyana’s oldest Industry, its largest employer and a significant contributor to the nation’s GDP, the management of GuySuCo remains committed to working with all stakeholders in the industry to ensure its goals are achieved.
As such, the Corporation is calling on those responsible for the recent disruptions to abandon their futile agenda and join in the effort to revitalise, modernise and secure the future of the sugar industry in Guyana, the release concludes

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  1. These people would stop at nothing till they have Guyana equal to what the PNC had it, this nonsense should be stopped and individuals caught involved should be punished severely...