Friday, September 25, 2009

The real reason why Boyo left the PPP!

Boyo Ramsaroop needs to tell the truth! In a recent letter to the press he complained bitterly about the inner happenings of his former party the PPP. We in this blog know for a fact that Boyo was not being entirely truthful when he listed his reasons for leaving the PPP to join the AFC.

You see Boyo was of the opinion that because he struggled with Papa Cheddi, after democracy was restored in 1992 he was entitled to 3/4 of Guyana.
In spite of his under utilization of hundreds of acres of land on the highway, Boyo demanded that the PPP government, under the leadership of Jageo, give him more, this time land that belonged to Amerindians.
During the renovation of the Sophia Exhibition Center Boyo also demanded that he be given the contract to supply all the plants and loom for the then to be constructed car park without taking part in the competitive bidding process. HIS DEMANDS WERE DENIED BY MINISTER MANNIRAM PERSAUD!

Boyo then ran helter-skelter to Freedom House complaining to all who would listen, including the late Janet Jagan, whose intervention he sought and was denied.
Boyo also demanded that he be granted a contract to supply the contractors of all road projects funded by the government with loom! This was also denied!

In the midst of all this Boyo's son Gherard was dragged along with Ramjattan to the AFC after the latter was thrown out of the PPP.
Ramjattan literally pulled Gherard out of a Section K C/Ville PPP group meeting!

Both Boyo and his son are just additions to the long list of disgruntled former PPP members, some of whom believed their membership entitled them to all of Guyana.

All de time de thing was good when deh was in it! Suddenly, de one time deh ent get wha deh wan de thing tun bad!!!


  1. lol. that explains why those who remain behaves like they own Guyana,,,, i see..those whose hands are not in the cookie jar leave and vice versa.

  2. YEP! That is the gimmick for which all Guyanese are made to endure!