Thursday, October 6, 2011

AFC official paid unknown persons $20K each to deface PPP/C campaign posters & billboards

Residents in several city wards awoke this morning to discover that several PPP/C election posters and billboards bearing images of the party's presidential candidate, Donald Ramotar have been defaced in what appears to be a well co-ordinated campaign carried out during the wee hours of the morning. All of the damaged posters and billboards were splashed with the same colour brown paint.

Liveinguyana was reliably informed by an eye witness to the incident that an open back pick-up with its number plate hidden transported several men who committed the acts. He also overheard a conversation between the individuals which revealed that they were hired by David Patterson of the Alliance For Change and were to be paid $20,000 each.

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  1. What crap? The PPP at their own dirty work again.