Wednesday, October 12, 2011

APNU will work with PPP/C Gov't if it loses elections

Presidential Candidate for the opposition coalition group, A Partnership for National Unity ( APNU), Retired Brigadier General David Granger says that if the group fails to win the upcoming elections, it would consider working with the successful political party even if it is the ruling People’s Progressive Party Civic. This decision, he stated, would only be undertaken under certain clear conditions and within the context or realm of what he referred to as “ inclusionary democracy”. Granger expressed these sentiments during an exclusive interview at the People’s National Congress Reform Headquarters, Sophia, Georgetown where he stated clearly that the winner- takeall system has not worked for Guyana and his coalition group is committed towards the development of a government of national unity.

“ If in the unlikely event of the APNU not winning the next elections, we will continue our policies. It is not an elections gimmick. It is not a slogan. We believe in power sharing. We believe in national unity and inclusionary democracy”, Granger posited.

He was firm that once the policies and economic ideologies of APNU are respected and would be enforced then it is possible that his group would forge a partnership with any successful party to take Guyana forward, even the PPP/ C. “ We will work even with the PPP...”, Granger explained.

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