Thursday, October 20, 2011

Despite collecting millions in donations Mark Benschop refuses to pay teachers on time

-no means of ensuring accountability despite $Ms collected

Mark Benschop testing out his motorcycle

This site has learnt from a very reliable source that former treason accused Mark Benschop may be misusing millions of dollars in donations he has collected to provide free classes at a center he operates on Middle Street in Georgetown.
The source revealed that overtime Benschop has managed to collect several thousand US$ from some overseas based Guyanese to aid his effort at what is supposed to be 'giving back to society', instead Benschop uses the money to fund his lavish lifestyle, woo young women that attend the classes with gifts as well as conduct nefarious activities. The teachers who provide training to his students on a full time basis are made to wait for months in order to receive their salary. It was stated that Benschop also owes a local stationary company several hundred thousand dollars and is threatening the owner every time he makes an attempt to recover his money.

One teacher complained bitterly to an individual about the abuse she has had to endure whenever she questioned the delay in receiving her salary.
This teacher also revealed that Benschop impregnated a 17 year old student and forced her to abort the baby claiming that it would embarrass him.
She also said that there's no accountability at the center as no financial statements or auditing is done while all the money collected is handled with secrecy by Benschop and Aubrey Reteymyer.

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