Monday, October 24, 2011

APNU officials terrorizing GECOM staff

THE People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) has called on the Police to scuttle whatever nefarious plans the fledgling APNU has up its sleeves, after flaying the party for intimidating and harassing Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) staff.
The incumbent Party said in a press statement yesterday that it is well aware that APNU has switched tactics from merely issuing press statements and mounting picketing exercises to now targeting GECOM staffers at their homes as well as their families.
This being the case, the PPP/C says in the statement: “We urge the Guyana Police Force and GECOM to take all necessary steps to thwart this dangerous campaign and urge that APNU desist from these threats against professionals.”
Taking a dig also at the Online publication, Demerarawaves, for carrying a news item on Friday night titled, ‘Returning Officer Mohabir tenders resignation – source’, the PPP/C said it found it passing strange that the first paragraph of that story comes across more as a statement of fact rather than a straight news report.
The paragraph in question, as quoted verbatim by the PPP/C, reads: “Controversial Returning Officer Jaigobin Mohabir has tendered his resignation from the position as the opposition parties looking to contest the November 28 elections up the pressure for his removal.”
Such a statement of fact, based on a source described as “usually reliable,” the PPP/C says, is not surprising, coming from Demerarawaves, and only serves to underscore what the party has maintained all along: That there is a well-orchestrated campaign afoot, and that it involves the political opposition and the opposition media working in cahoots “to intimidate, harass, [and] threaten, and when these fail, [to] spread misinformation to intimidate elections officials.”
Noting in closing that it will not countenance such behaviour, the PPP/C says: “This type of conduct of harassing electoral officers does not bode well for the smooth running of the Elections and must be condemned.”

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