Monday, October 31, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: APNU post election terror plot exposed!

The opposition APNU, already accepting defeat after noting the public's non-responsiveness to its elections activities has activated a post election terror plan aimed at once again making the country ungovernable. Liveinguyana was reliably informed that over the weekend several ex-army officers with close ties to David Granger along with former Police Commissioner Winston Felix and several shady characters met and discussed several aspects of this plan which includes the formation of yet another criminal gang.

Funding for the group is currently being sought overseas and recruitment has already begun with areas such as Buxton, Agricola, Bachelors Adventure, Non Pareil and several other villages being the primary target areas. A camp was recently set up about aback of an East Coast Demerara village and preparations are being made to provide military training. Our source further told us that the recent attempt to steal grenades from an army training facility is linked to this plot as well.
There is a view being held by the plot's intellectual authors, particularly those with close ties to ACDA, that the incumbent will win the upcoming elections by landslide and the only language the PPP and its supporters yield to is fear.
We will keep you up to date as more information pours in.

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