Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Would any of the opposition political parties now protesting allow CN Sharma & CNS Channel 6 to repeatedly break the law?

The appalling level of un-objectivity, bias and reasoning demonstrated by the opposition parties in their support for CN Sharma is becoming a real problem as it also exists uniformly in sections of the media.
The both APNU and the AFC failed to take into account the other side of the story and it appears as though that they gave very little thought to the whole issue.
This isn't the first time CN Sharma and his station has found itself on the other side of our country's laws and every single infringement by this gentlemen is met with the same worn out cry of 'government harassment' when efforts are made to punish him.
Is CN Sharma and CNS Channel 6 above the law?
Further, would any of theese parties while in government allow CN Sharma and CNS Channel 6 to repeatedly break the law?

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