Thursday, October 13, 2011

The PPP has lost nothing in Rajindra Bissessar's defection to the AFC

-AFC is now preserve of persons who have lost political standing

The ruling People’s Progressive Party/ Civic has dismissed sentiments expressed by the Alliance For Change ( AFC) that it could create change and manage to convince Guyanese to vote it into government with its current “ repertoire of persons that have lost political standing”. The party made the comment through the chairman of its Elections Campaign Management Committee, Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud. Persaud was at the time responding to the decision of one of the PPP/ C supporters, Rajindranauth Bissessar to endorse the AFC and join that party ahead of the upcoming general and regional elections.

Bissessar on Wednesday told media operatives at the AFC’s weekly press conference that he made the decision because he realised that the vision of the PPP founding leader, President Cheddi Jagan was allegedly being eroded by the current cadre of leaders. He said that after labouring very hard for more than 30 years within the ruling party, he realised that it was time for change and he wanted to make a bigger difference in Guyana while championing the path for youth and others to what he described as a “ better Guyana”. Minister Persaud said that Bissessar had not been a member of the ruling party for several months now and was not the holder of a legitimate party card. He opined that the PPP/ C has not lost anything in the person of Bissessar. “ We had hardly recognised that he was still around. As a matter of fact, we believe firmly that the AFC has lost its relevance and has been a party for those people who do not have any following or any political sway. It started with Ramjattan who was expelled by the PPP and Trotman who had problems with the PNCR. Is this the change they speak of? A party of political toads?” Persaud asked.

Bissessar said he left the PPP because he believes corruption is rampant and the government is serving its own interests. “ I never took part in it and as a matter of fact, I was in the position to own land and could have done lots of things, but I never did,” Bissessar told media operatives who pressured him to adequately answer their questions.

Minister Persaud said that it would be interesting if the Human Services Ministry and other govern ment offices where Bissessar was employed decided to publicise why he was fired about two years ago. He maintained that Bissessar’s decision is respected by the party, but he must be honest with himself and confess that he played no real integral role in the PPP over the past years.

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