Monday, October 31, 2011

Ramjattan’s claim that the President's pension is in excess of $3M is deliberatively inaccurate-OP

THE government, through a statement issued by the Office of The President on Saturday, has shown where Alliance for Change (AFC) Presidential candidate, Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan is not only a compulsive liar, but dishonest as well having abused his privilege as a Parliamentarian to make money on the side. The following is the full text of that statement:
“Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan of the Alliance For Change recently contributed
to the misinformation being peddled in the media about President Bharrat Jagdeo’s pension.
Ramjattan's contributions are inaccurate, and purposefully misleading.
An examination of the subject and previous publications would show the following:

*The pension of President Jagdeo is established at seven-eighths of his salary,
and has long been so established and remains unchanged. It has been given to all former Presidents, including all President Jagdeo’s predecessors.

*Ramjattan’s claim that the pension is in excess of $3M is deliberatively inaccurate. Actually, the pension President Jagdeo will start receiving is about one-third of that amount, and is comparable with that received by his immediate predecessor, former President Janet Jagan, with the annual wage increases taken into consideration.

*The computation of his pension is based on a formula established in law. The value is computed at seven-eighths of the current salary. That same formula is applicable to Members of Parliament with designated years of service in Parliament, such as Ramjattan himself.

*Further, the salary of a President is on par with that of the Chancellor of the Judiciary, and the Attorney General, who sits in Cabinet.

*Comparatively, the pension of a President is unlike that of a member of the Judiciary, whose pension is computed based on twice the actual years of service in the Judiciary.

*The privilege that MPs enjoy in accessing duty-free concession has been abused by Mr. Ramjattan. He has not used but sold five vehicles acquired under the duty free concession regime during his tenure as a parliamentarian.

These clarifications being provided accurately reflect the conditions under which President Jagdeo will soon be enjoying his earned pension.

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