Thursday, October 6, 2011

The AFC's uninspiring campaign continues

The size of the audience at this AFC meeting in Den Amstel

THE Alliance For Change (AFC) failed to attract large crowds at the two public meetings it held on the Essequibo Coast over last weekend.
Reports said the meeting at Anna Regina Car Park was poorly attended as Essequibians openly rejected its policies. Even as its Presidential Candidate, Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan spoke, only a few people stood up in the large open area. Many said they were not interested in what he was saying and walked away.
At Charity, on Sunday afternoon, the attendance was worse as no one seemed to take interest and there was no gathering.
The AFC then took its campaign to RCA TV Channel 7, where they hoped to get an audience. However, one person who was viewing the programme said Ramjattan appeared annoyed and continued attacking the Government.
The person said he switched off his television and went to bed, noting that the AFC has a weak and poor presence on Essequibo Coast.

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