Sunday, October 16, 2011

Opposition will lose many more followers as they continue to preach doctrine of race.

Neil Adams: When former PNC/R member Joseph Hamilton decided to join the ruling party at its Corentyne launch, the opposition readily accused him of being a non-functioning member who was just, as it were, taking up space - one who would not be missed. They almost called him a reject, but stopped short of doing so when they found out that the gentleman had left the party long before they could have gloated on the prospect of firing him.
When this did not materialise former party comrade Lance Carberry hastily put together a statement decrying him as an opportunist, which has become the newest form of PNC rhetoric whenever a member has just cause to disaffect from that despicable bunch of ragtags.
Like a broken record, they try every convenient way possible to put that individual down.
Recently, fellow Berbician and duly qualified technocrat Emmanuel Cummings has taken his stand on the side of the PPP/C, very soon he too would be called an opportunist as the PNC/R carry out its campaign on dissuading Afro-Guyanese from being a part of the ruling party. And this is my point, a Black Man makes a conscientious and aboveboard decision to join or work with the established party and his detractors, in desperation, try to make him feel guilty, calling him all sorts of names.
In fact they even change your ethnicity; by their own estimation you cease to be Black! In this regard the opposition is making that fundamental mistake of losing many more followers by preaching a doctrine of race.
In a related matter I remember being a discussant in a heated debate on the Buxton issue (this was done during the height of the crime spree) giving my views based on the report of one of the daily newspapers, when a Buxtonian lady intervened by retorting "that's the way you know it, that's your opinion of Buxtonians."
She was reacting to the statement that Buxton was a place where empty-headed criminals live and a bastion of PNC support.
Our lady friend then gave an advice that you need to go into Buxton and see for yourself. This advice might have echoed down into the future because the President did visit that community not once but twice and got a grand reception - quite the opposite to that which was touted by the so-called Black media. He, Jagdeo, being an Indian, was treated as an African Prince, much to the chagrin of the racist Blacks.
The point is Blacks are no longer subscribing to the notion that you must vote for a party because you "belong" there, because more and more they are rejecting the concept of racial adherence. Afro-Guyanese are responding to a validity of purpose and are taking their place in a party where their contribution to society would be most meaningful.

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