Friday, October 21, 2011

TUF official dissociates himself from comments posted on Demerara Waves

PETER PERSAUD: ON Tuesday October 18, 2011, the Demerara Waves carried a comment by one “Peter” in relation to the full court’s decision to dismiss the injunction granted by Justice James Bovell-Drakes to Ms. Valerie Garrido-Lowe against Manzoor Nadir and Ishmael Mohamed.
I wish to make it very clear that, while my name is Peter Persaud, I never made such a rude and hostile comment on Demerara Waves. Let this be a disclaimer by me.
Further, I wish to state the following:

1. I always append my full name to any letter I write or comment I make in the local and international press, and I do so both fearlessly and courageously.
2. Mr. Manzoor Nadir is the rightful leader of The United Force (TUF), and his contributions to Guyana’s development are noteworthy and well known.
3. Hon. Manzoor Nadir, the current Minister of Labour in the PPP/C Administration, has performed exceedingly well in his ministerial portfolios. Keep it up, Hon Minister Nadir, and you have my support.
4. Mr. Manzoor Nadir is fully supported by the legitimate executive committee members of the United Force.
5. The PPP/C government will win the Amerindian vote because of its demonstrated commitment to the welfare and needs of Guyana’s indigenous peoples.
6. The PPP/C government will win the upcoming elections by a landslide based on its track record of social and economic development.
7. The opposition parties (APNU and AFC) are a waste of time, having no realistic plans to further the development of Guyana. By the way, what are their plans for Amerindian people? They have none.
8. Come on, whip them, PPP/C. Victory is at hand.

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