Monday, October 10, 2011

UPDATED: Mothers Opposed to Molestation (MOM) picket CN Sharma

Lynette Thomas, leader of MOM

WAVING placards and calling for justice, Mothers Opposed to Molestation (MOM), a recently established advocate group which came into being to stand firm and speak out against any form of child molestation, held a vigil outside CNS Channel 6 on Robb Street, from 18:00hrs yesterday.
Leader of the group, Lynette Thomas explained that the group’s vigil last evening was aimed at drawing attention to the case of child molestation levelled against the owner of the television station, Chandra Narine Sharma.
She said, “We spoke about this issue, and we not hearing anything about it, so we decided to rise up because we are serious. We need to take the lead, this goes for any other person who interferes with children, we are mothers and we are serious.

According to the concerned mother, MOM was formed six months ago with the aim of highlighting social injustice and bringing to the forefront the perpetrators of dastardly acts against children.
“We need to set the right example, this (the vigil) is a peaceful act and there are a lot of other issues we need to bring to people’s attention, and we will be coming out,” she stressed.
When questioned about the timing of the vigil, Thomas emphasised that while the accusation levelled against Sharma was a pressing one for the group, it took some time to get organized.
She stressed that their demonstration has nothing to do with elections or politics, as alleged by some members of the crowd gathered on Robb Street, but is rooted in their concern as mothers.
Thomas explained, “This has nothing to do with elections, we are taking the step now to set an example to persons who abuse children. I have a nine-year-old daughter, so I know how it feels as a mother and, if we get more people, we are going to come out again; Sharma allegedly did wrong things, and what goes for poor people goes for rich people as well.”
According to the visibly impassioned advocate, this is but one of a series of similar actions the 40-member group has been involved in.
She said, “We want to see justice and we were in front of Home Affairs Ministry after the big accident on Homestretch Avenue calling for the traffic police to do something about the minibuses. I was there calling for justice”
Meanwhile, the group’s chanting and calls for justice attracted a group of onlookers who expressed mixed emotions about the protest action against CN Sharma.
Members of the Guyana Police Force were present at the Robb Street residence during the vigil.

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    I can recall in 2007 when CN Sharma was visiting one of his houses and he go inside the house and lock up the door with the woman and her 11 year old daughter inside. I hear some girl moaning and screaming I thought she been getting hurt so I looked in an open window and saw the girl naked in the house.

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