Thursday, February 4, 2010

AFC against Muslims

Dr Randy Persaud: It is unfortunate that some elite Guyanese have become so slavish in their perspectives about the wider world. They have become more loyal than the King. They have become more American than the Americans. The Americans after all have opened relations with Libya, and have called for dialogue with the Muslim world. Not so in Guyana.

The anti-Middle East posture coming out of the AFC is alarming. In a recent press release the AFC says that starting relations with countries in the Middle East (most of which are Muslims) represents a dangerous shift. Here is the AFC in its own words – “We warn that the high wire act being performed by Mr. Jagdeo could lead to our becoming embroiled in a dangerous game being played out in a larger arena and one in which we could find ourselves impaled on the horns of an axis of death and destruction.”

It is regrettable that a political party in Guyana (in this case the AFC) would borrow the languae of ‘axis of evil’ to describe Guyana’s relations with United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Iran.

In closing I want to emphasise that Guyana’s relations with the Middle East in well within the ambit of this country’s sovereignty. Mr. Kissoon should look at our national interest in broader and more nuanced ways. His solipsistic understanding of the concept is not helpful.

I also call on the AFC to abandon its new programme of scaring Guyanese citizens about the Middle East. Please, let us not go there.

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  1. Another perception by the AFC ridiculing the government and his relations with other countries world wide, now they are here giving talks on the Muslims in the middle east in accordance with its relations with Guyana, these people haven't done anything to them nor Guyana and who told them that they are higher people in the world to criticize others..."death and destruction", what does Guyana have that the middle east want so desperately, common AFC your generalization is off the contrary, all the people want to do is help Guyana...just give a rest