Monday, February 1, 2010

Freddie Kissoon's madness confirmed!

Click on the picture for an enlarged version


  1. Finally it has been confirmed that this man Freddie Kissoon is a mad man cause with all the nonsense he writes in the daily KN and a well know man kisser it was only time for it to b confirmed and it here in writing...........

  2. Where is his diploma for compulsive book thieving?

  3. hahahha!!! this what the public needs to see, it has been confirmed, I know most people are saying they were right all along, well here is there proof...Freddie a mad man, on the contrary this man is still lecturing at the University of Guyana, which should not be plus to top it off, his aimless articles about the government that he normally puts in KN is just to takes up space, but who am I to justify on that, is Glenn Lall newspaper another mad man, actually if one was to look at it, this man is just taking up space and serving no purpose, he should be locked up in the mad house at Berbice before he starts behaving hysterical around the place...I mean he is thieving books already.