Monday, February 8, 2010

AFC is not about change-Joey Jagan

Cheddi Joey Jagan Jr: I would like to comment on the recent articles in both the SN and Kaieteur News, reporting Mr. Robert Corbin’s statements concerning the revelations by Mr. Raphael Trotman and the AFC, that, there are ongoing “secret” talks between the PPP and PNC and furthermore, Mr. Trotman’s insinuation that there is something sinister in such talks.

The PNC and the PPP are not mistake-free and guilt-free in the history of Guyanese politics but the deep schism between them is the primary cause of our nation’s troubles, both in the past and down to the present; but there has always been a dialogue between them and a reluctance to take Guyana to a everlasting political/racial conflict which would have made us poorer and more devastated than the worst parts of Haiti.

As a teenager, I remember, during the ‘Dark Period’ of the early 1960s, when the PNC and PPP were engaged in spreading violence, my godfather, Forbes Burnham, and my father, Cheddi Jagan both met on several occasions secretly (they even went to the seawalls some evenings) to, I am sure, contain the violence.

As recently as 1985, these great Guyanese leaders met to discuss a coalition government of the PPP/PNC, and Mr. Trotman, as a former leading luminary of the PNC, has to be aware of these historical events; he also has to be quite aware that his party’s six seats in Parliament with single digit support at the 2006 polls, with the present constitutional arrangements, is really a ticket to no-where.

So why is Mr. Trotman so opposed to Mr. Corbin asking and seeking shared governance, which is what we really need, and why is he attacking Mr. Corbin for alleged talks with the PPP (especially when shared governance will hopefully get the AFC a chance to participate in a government of national unity)? The answer is simply that even though the AFC wants us to believe that it’s about change, it really is about politics-as-usual and a power seeking mentality aggrandized by what they perceive as wider support in the next elections, which will never happen. Read more....

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  1. I thought this man was supporting duncy Sharma, but it looks like came to his senses, little more he would have earned a certificate like Freddie, anyways good for him...imagine he could have see the ignorance perceived by the AFC and looking at the interest regarding the people on shared governance, he made some good assumptions, the thing is AFC cant see it is this way for the progress and well being of the people, that is too difficult for them understand, I bet duncy Sharma would have said the same thing about them....