Wednesday, February 17, 2010

AFC cannot even get an election petition to the Court right, yet they wanna run Guyana.

-Chief Justice dismisses AFC elections petition

Chief Justice Ian Chang yesterday dismissed the elections petition filed by the Alliance For Change, challenging the allocation of a parliamentary seat to the ruling People’s Progressive Party/Civic.
Justice Chang dismissed the petition on the grounds of procedural non-compliance.
Handing down the written decision, the chief justice noted that the AFC had failed to file an affidavit of service immediately after bringing the petition to the court.
The law states that any election petition must be followed almost immediately by an Affidavit of Service.
However, it was noted that the AFC presented the Affidavit of Service some 10 months after filing the petition.

Justice made the point that the rules of the Guyana Elections Commission are very clear when it comes to the filing of petitions.
The AFC had challenged the allocation of the Region 10 seat, following the 2006 national and regional elections, claiming that mathematically it should have been awarded to them.


  1. Any how Trotman would have to fall out of the race with the other oppositions due to one of his main sources of funds have been out to the open.

    One of his drug buddies have been caught and is in the hands of the funds would some how be low now!

  2. This is the AFC we talking about here they cant do nothing right..lets look at their last assumption that the president spend $1B traveling where do they cum up with these stuff....this is a bunch of numskulls that try to think that they can do better im image what really will happen if they got a day in office it gon be bare worries and problem the next day for the president........

  3. These vagabonds just fail to realize that they don't stand a chance in any form of elections. It is sad to know that these two individuals, who are pretty much aware of the procedures requested by the law and they still get it all wrong...what a shame!!!! How could they possible claim what is not rightfully there's, anyway that is the motive of these people all along...