Thursday, February 4, 2010

AFC launches misinformation campaign. Iran not in GY to seek Uranium.

GINA: The Office of the President is dismayed at the grossly inaccurate and misleading report by the Associated Press (AP) out of Georgetown today attributing statements to President Bharrat Jagdeo that he did not make.

At no time during his press conference at the Office of the President on Tuesday, January 26, 2010, did the President say that “Iranian scientists will identify uranium deposits using updated technology” in Guyana as AP claimed.

A release last evening from the Office of the President said, “ This is totally inaccurate and the Office of the President urges AP to immediately retract and correct the report by its Georgetown correspondent who was not even at the press conference.

“For the record, President Jagdeo said Iran has agreed to deploy its world class geo-scientific techniques to help Guyana accurately map its mineral wealth deposits and an Iranian mission is due here soon to begin working with the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission on the project.

“The President noted that because Iran is in a very active earthquake region, it has developed world class geo sciences labs and uses the same science employed to predict earthquakes to map mineral potential and resources.

“Guyana has long lacked this capability and because of the absence of data on its mineral resources, it has relied on investors to seek prospecting licences and then develop a project in a “hit and miss way”, he said.

“The Iran offer opens new vistas and the President said GGMC Head, Mr. William Woolford, is excited about the prospects.

“There was no mention of “uranium deposits” or any other mineral and the Office of the President deplores this disgustingly misleading report aimed at sensationalism.

“The President also reported that Iran will provide Guyana with a US$1.5M grant for the health sector and did not say that Iran will send doctors to fill shortages at state hospitals as AP claimed.

“The Office of the President hopes that AP will take the necessary course to avoid a repeat of such despicable reporting by its Guyana correspondent,” the Office of the President statement concluded.

However despite the above Trotman went on to report say this :

Guyana opposition slams Iran uranium deal

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By Neil Marks

GEORGETOWN, Guyana (Reuters) -- Guyana's opposition leaders said on Wednesday the government may be helping Iran enrich uranium and damaging ties with the United States with a plan to have Iran map the South American country's mineral resources.

Guyanese President Bharrat Jagdeo, who traveled to Tehran last week, announced the upcoming visit of a team of scientists from Iran, which is facing heavy criticism from the United States and its allies over its nuclear enrichment program.

Iran raised eyebrows last year with offers to help map uranium deposits in Venezuela, where leftist President Hugo Chavez supports Tehran's nuclear program.

"Iran makes no secret of its search for uranium, it is doing the same in Venezuela," says Rafael Trotman, top legislator for the opposition Alliance for Change Party.

"There are known uranium deposits in Guyana and so it doesn't take much speculation to figure out what is going on."

He said this could sour relations with the United States, a major provider of development aid that plans to spend $52 million over the next five years to fight AIDS in Guyana, and is financing other trade, investment and governance programs.

Iran says its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes but Western powers suspect it is seeking to make weapons.

Guyana's Foreign Ministry did not comment on the accusations.

Iran has also agreed to give Guyana $1.5 million to build an institution to train specialist doctors as part of an unrelated cooperation deal.

Trotman said the nuclear mapping accord contrasts with the country's standard practice of requiring investors to secure a prospecting license before mining for minerals including gold and diamonds in the country's vast provinces.

A Canadian company is currently in Guyana exploring for uranium. The company, U308 Corp, has exclusive uranium exploration rights in an area covering approximately 1.3 million hectares that straddles the edge of the Roraima Basin in Guyana.

Uranium is found naturally in a variety of forms but only a particular adapted form of the mineral -- rather than simply the mined ore -- can be used for electricity or explosives.

This type, called U-235 to represent its mass, is present in less than 1 percent of mined ore.

We should also note that despite the headline being titled "Opposition" only Trotman is quoted.Is Trotman the spokesperson for the Opposition?

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  1. Eh! Trotman fighting really hard for power man, these days he topping the sites and newspapers because of his wrong judgments on the president's work, Trotman and his party would not change there despicable ways, as for the Associated Press they should even convey media coverage, all they do is report a bundle of trash to the public, it is sad to know that the leader of this opposition party has read and heard views on the agreement with the Iranian government with Guyana and still misinterpret it, it shows this man is really stupid...or maybe he tried to put it in his own version but the thing is he hasn't gain anything from it, so what is the use...